Privacy Policy

Does Headcacnon browser extension collect any personal data?

The only data which might be considered personal is an email address. This piece of data is required for the application to work. Once it's typed in it does not leave your device until you issue a request to send selected fanfics to your device.

Then on our servers it's only being used to send you an email using a third party email service provider. Once sending is complete, we no longer have any record of the provided email address.

We do not collect any data besides email address.

Do we share you data?

We only use the provided email address to deliver you the fanfics, so we process it by sending a request to send email through our email service provider. We do not share your data with anyone in any other form.

What rights do you have?

Since we don't permanently store any of your data it's impossible to erase it (because there's nothing to erase). We also don't process any provided data after you receive your fanfics. At this moment it's impossible to stop the sending process after it's initialized, but your email processing stops right after this process is done.

Cookies usage

We do not store any information using cookies both in the extension and on this page.

This policy was last updated on 2022-07-07